Heritage documentation and management processes: Castiglioni Chapel in Pavia





The project of the reuse of an architectural environment must consider the set of residual services provided by the building. The activation of a documentation process allows you to be aware of what an environment offers. The spatial and material analysis of the current state must be accompanied by a material, technological and tech-system survey. In the case study of the Castiglioni Chapel in Pavia (Italy), the various diagnostic outputs were associated with the detailed survey, with the aim of planning interventions for the site conservation project. Conservation takes place both with physical actions and with museumization processes. The action methodology involved numerous phases such as detailed digital survey, technological analysis, and digitization through three-dimensional models. All the analyses carried out are integrated in an immersive virtual system structured by layers and scenarios. The chapel can be orbited with AR platforms, which allow you to enhance valuable frescoes and see the different levels of analysis in real time. All the processes underway in this project are aimed at making the space a place of knowledge with real and digital use.

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Elisabetta Doria, University of Pavia

DICAr - University of Pavia






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