Non-invasive diagnostic investigation at the Bishop’s Palace of Frascati: an integrated approach

Luisa Caneve, Francesco Colao, Massimo Francucci, Massimiliano Guarneri, Marialuisa Mongelli, Valeria Spizzichino


Artistic surfaces at the Bishop’s Palace of Frascati have been investigated by an integrated approach involving different non-invasive diagnostic techniques. A LIF (Laser Induced Fluorescence) scanning system worked in synergy with the RGB-ITR ((Red Green and Blue – Imaging Topological Radar) 3D laser scanner and the SfM (Structure from Motion) technique for the 3D photogrammetric reconstruction. The presented case study shows how 3D multispectral information can reveal and locate previous restoration actions and deterioration processes as support for conservation, research and dissemination purposes.

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