State-of-the art and perspectives of underwater optical wireless communications

Fabio Leccese, Giuseppe Schirripa Spagnolo


In scientific, military, and industrial sectors, the development of robust and efficient submarine wireless communication links is of enormous interest. Underwater wireless communications can be carried out through acoustic, radio frequency (RF), and optical waves. Underwater optical communication is not a new idea, but it has recently been considered because seawater exhibits a window of reduced absorption both in the visible spectrum and long-wavelength UV light (UV-A). Compared to its bandwidth limited acoustic counterpart, underwater optical wireless communications (UOWCs) can support higher data rates at low latency levels. Underwater wireless communication networks are important in ocean exploration, military tactical operations, environmental and water pollution monitoring. Anyway, given the rapid development of UOWC technology, documents are still needed showing the state of the art and the progress made by the most current research. This paper aims to examine current technologies, and those potentially available soon, for Underwater Optical Wireless Communication and to propose a new perspective using UV-A radiation.

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