Bringing optical metrology to testing and inspection activities in civil engineering

Luis Martins, Álvaro Ribeiro, Maria do Céu Almeida, João Alves e Sousa


Optical metrology has an increasing impact on observation and experimental activities in Civil Engineering, contributing to the Research and development of innovative, non-invasive techniques applied in testing and inspection of infrastructures and construction materials to ensure safety and quality of life. Advances in specific applications are presented in the paper, highlighting the application cases carried out by LNEC (the Portuguese National Laboratory for Civil Engineering). 

The examples include: (i) structural monitoring of a long-span suspension bridge; (ii) use of close circuit television (CCTV) cameras in drain and sewer inspection; (iii) calibration of a large-scale seismic shaking table with laser interferometry; (iv) destructive mechanical testing of masonry specimens.

Current and future research work in this field is emphasized in the final section. Examples given are related to the use of Moiré techniques for digital modelling of reduced-scale hydraulic surfaces and to the use of laser interferometry for calibration of strain measurement standard for the geometrical evaluation of concrete testing machines.

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