Fringe projection profilometry for recovering 2.5D shape of ancient coins

Giuseppe Schirripa Spagnolo, Lorenzo Cozzella, Fabio Leccese


The relief of form is undoubtedly one of the most topical topics in the field of cultural heritage. Physical access to historic and artistic manufactures can be limited by a lot of factors. For example, the access to the collection of the ancient coins is difficult, especially for students. Indeed, for coins digital archive of high-quality three-dimensional model and remote fruition is of great interest. The use of projected fringes for the measurement of surface profile is a well-developed technique. In this paper, we present a surface profile measurement system for small objects of cultural heritage where it is important not only to detect the shape with good accuracy but also to capture and archive the signs due to ageing. The illustrated equipment is simple, reliable, and cheap. Furthermore, some examples of acquisitions are presented to demonstrate the potentiality of the proposed scheme for recovering 2.5D shape of cultural heritage objects.

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