Novel concepts and strategies in skull base reconstruction after endoscopic endonasal surgery

Domenico Solari, Ida Papallo, Lorenzo Ugga, Luigi M. Cavallo, Ilaria Onofrio, Renato Cuocolo, Giovanni Improta, Arturo Brunetti, Massimo Martorelli, Antonio Gloria, Paolo Cappabianca, Teresa Russo


Recently, a variety of craniofacial approaches has been adopted to enter the skull base, among those, the endonasal endoscopic technique. An effective watertight thereafter:  the reconstruction can be performed using different materials, both autologous and non-autologous, individually or combined in a multilayer fashion. The current study was focused on the development of new advanced devices and techniques, aiding in reducing postoperative CSF leak rate. Additive manufacturing allows the design of devices with tailored structural and functional features and, as well, injectable semi-IPNs and composites; therefore specific mechanical/rheological and injectability studies are valuable. Accordingly, we propose  new additive-manufactured and injectable devices.

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