Research trends and challenges on DAC testing


  • Eulalia Balestrieri University of Sannio
  • Pasquale Daponte University of Sannio
  • Luca De Vito University of Sannio
  • Francesco Picariello University of Sannio
  • Sergio Rapuano University of Sannio
  • Ioan Tudosa University of Sannio



Today a very wide range of different applications relies on the Digital to Analog Converters (DACs). Different DAC architectures have been developed in the years and several different specifications exist to quantify their effective performance, essential information to verify the requirement fulfilling and the DAC suitability for the specific application.  As a result, DAC testing has assumed and continues to assume increasing importance. Main testing challenges include the reduction of the test time and cost, the measurement uncertainty computation and facing with the emerging Built-In Self-Test (BIST) solutions. To unambiguously clarify DAC terms, definitions and test methods the IEEE Std. 1658 has been developed and is currently under revision. To highlight the trends and issues also providing useful information for the revision of the standard, the paper presents an overview of the recent research work dealing with the DAC testing.







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