Simulator effectiveness test for e-training with the use DROMADER tele-operated vehicle

Igor Ostrowski, Andrzej Maslowski


This article presents the results of an effectiveness test of a simulator for the e-training operators of tele-operated vehicles with the use of a UGV DROMADER. The mobile platform DROMADER, its control panel, and the simulator system (hardware and software) are described. The results of the 3D modelling and construction of physical models are included. Graphical models using 3dsMax software from a CAD model and the mechanical part developed using Vortex Editor are discussed. Two tests conducted with the participants divided into two groups is undertaken. The first operated the DROMADER robot without previous training on the simulator, the second went through simulator training before operating the robot. The trial was composed to test driving and the manipulation operators’ abilities. The results of effectiveness test are discussed.

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