New Approach on the Agile Cycles Containment Effectiveness Metrics in Automotive SW Development

Ionut Andrei Sandu, Alexandru Salceanu


In an ideal Agile Development Team, defects should not exist. But in reality and especially in Automotive Agile Software Development, we need to have a mechanism for defects handling and tracking to closure. In this paper we describe the benefits and principles for measuring the defects handling metrics in automotive programs and organizations which adopted Agile SW Development. We are presenting the Iteration Containment Effectiveness, Program Increment Containment Effectiveness and Defect Debt Trend metrics. The acquired advantages are demonstrated by a detailed example of real application on how to measure the classical Phase Containment Effectiveness metric on Iteration (Sprint) and Program Increment (Scum of Scrums / Scaled Agile) Level. This paper is an extended version of the original contribution to the IMEKO TC 4 2017 symposium in Iasi, Romania.

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