Real-time smart meters network for energy management


  • Giuseppe Del Prete Second University of Naples
  • Daniele Gallo Second University of Naples
  • Carmine Landi Second University of Naples
  • Mario Luiso Second University of Naples



In this paper, an architecture of a low-cost ARM-based Smart Metering network is presented. The system is designed to be suitable for Smart Grids applications aimed to a more efficient energy use according to the article 13 of Directive 2006/32/EC. The network is composed by several slave smart meters that continuously monitor loads and energy generators to make available information in real-time such as power and energy consumption/generation and several power quality parameters communicating them via CAN bus to specific master device called data aggregator. This device, integrating the information coming from field devices (energy demands of loads, the current energy production and co-generator status), with information obtained through the web access (a prevision on the expected availability of energy produced by renewable sources, current and future energy price, customer remote setting), can take decisions to implement a suitable energy management aimed to cost saving or whatever else strategy chosen by customer. Data aggregator also allows checking current consumption locally, thanks to a display, and remotely, using the web browser access. To prevent external attacks a low computational burden protection software based on Message Authentication Code (MAC) has been implemented. Finally, characterization test of realized apparatus have shown good performance both in terms of communication delays and measurement uncertainty.






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