Performance enhancement of a low-voltage microgrid by measuring the optimal size and location of distributed generation


  • Ahmed Jassim Ahmed University of technology Baghdad
  • Mohammed H. Alkhafaji University of technology Baghdad
  • Ali Jafer Mahdi University of Kerbala



A power system in which the generation units such as renewable energy sources and other types of generation equipment are located near loads, thereby, reducing operation costs and losses and improving voltage is called a distributed generation (DG), and these generation units are called distributed energy resources. However, DGs must be located optimally to improve the power quality and minimize power loss of the system. The objective of this paper is to propose an approach for measuring the optimal size and location of DGs in a low voltage Microgrid using the Autoadd algorithm. The algorithm is validated by testing it on the IEEE 33-bus standard system and compared with previous studies, the algorithm proved its efficiency and superiority on the other techniques. A significant improvement in voltage and reduction in losses were observed when the DGs are placed at the sites decided by the algorithm. Therefore, Autoadd can be used in finding the optimal sizes and locations of DGs in the distribution system, the possibility of isolating the low voltage Microgrid is discussed by integrating distributed generation units and the results showed the possibility of this scenario during faults time and intermittency of energy time.






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