Towards a digital database of Sardinian II WW military heritage: a first repertoire in the territory of Cagliari




The paper illustrates the decisions behind the creation of a digital database of military architectures built in Sardinia during the Second World War. This stylistic repertoire is characterized by an interesting historical-cultural and landscape value and composed by more than 1.500 artifacts positioned along the coast of the island to protect the major urban centers and the areas of strategic interest. A correct recovery and enhancement of these historical heritage necessarily needs a previous activity of knowledge and cataloging entrusted to integrated survey methods where digital and traditional tools works together to define an updatable and interoperable graphical model. The database become the place where studying these “stubborn ruins” also comparing geometry, materials and construction technique adopted in other countries. The need for mimesis has required an adaptation of the typological solutions designed by the Italian Military Genius and indicated in the archive documents offering interesting case studies. The first results of this path of knowledge is a complete catalog of small bunkers placed in the east sector of the territory of Cagliari, within the Natural Regional Park of Molentargius-Saline.

Author Biographies

Andrea Pirinu, DICAAR, University of Cagliari


Asssitant professor of Drawing

Nicola Paba, DICAAR, University of Cagliari






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