Analysis of the mathematical modelling of a static expansion system

Carlos Mauricio Villamizar Mora, Jonathan Javier Duarte Franco, Victor Jose Manrique Moreno, Carlos Eduardo García Sánchez


Static expansion systems are used to generate pressures in medium and high vacuum and are used in the calibration of absolute pressure meters in these pressure ranges. In the present study, the suitability of different models to represent the final pressures in a static expansion system with two tanks is analysed. It is concluded that the use of the ideal gas model is adequate in most simulated conditions, while the assumption that the residual pressure is zero before expansion presents problems under certain conditions. An uncertainty analysis of the process is carried out, which leads to evidence of the high importance of uncertainty in a first expansion over subsequent expansion processes. Finally, an analysis of the expansion system based on uncertainty is carried out to estimate the effect of the metrological characteristics of the measurements of the input quantities. Said design process can make it possible to determine a set of restrictions on the uncertainties of the input quantities.

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