Integrating maintenance strategies in autonomous production control using a cost-based model


  • Robert Glawar Fraunhofer Austria Research GmbH
  • Fazel Ansari
  • Zsolt János Viharos
  • Kurt Matyas
  • Wilfried Sihn



Autonomous production control (APC) is able to deal with challenges, inter alia, high delivery accuracy, shorter planning horizons, increasing product and process complexity, and frequent changes. However, several state-of-the-art approaches do not consider maintenance factors contributing to operational and tactical decisions in production planning and control. The incomprehensiveness of the decision models and related decision support tools cause inefficiency in production planning and thus lead to a low acceptance in the manufacturing enterprises. To overcome this challenge, this paper presents a conceptual cost-based model for integrating different maintenance strategies in autonomous production control. The model provides relevant decision aspects and a cost function for different maintenance strategies using on a market-based approach. The present work thus makes a positive contribution to cope with the high demands on flexibility and response times in planning while at the same time ensuring high plant productivity.






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