Experimental study on SAR reduction from cell phones

Marius-Vasile Ursachianu, Ovidiu Bejenaru, Catalin Lazarescu, Alexandru Salceanu


The actual problem of the human exposure to different types of electromagnetic field sources is a challenging one and should be considered an up to date issue due to one major actual trend: the increasingly intensive penetration of various wireless communication technologies in virtually all places and times that make up our daily lives. The here presented paper presents an experimental study focused on measurements for three types of mobile phones, belonging to different generations, operating at the two characteristic frequencies of the GSM bandwidth. We have been used a SATIMO-COMOSAR evaluation dosimetry system, provided by the LICETER laboratory of ANCOM Romania. The determined values of the absorbed incident energy by the tissue of a mannequin (phantom) model for the human head, which is part of the dosimetry system, have been also compared with those obtained in the case when the mobile phones are protected by multilayer cases, aiming to study their possible limiting effect. The influence that ”touch” or ”tilt” positions might have on absorbed (by the human head model) incident energy values has also been investigated. The comparative processing of the obtained results allowed the formulation of recommendations on reducing the exposure to electromagnetic radiation associated with the use of the mobile phone. This paper is an extended and improved version of the original contribution to the IMEKO TC 4 2020 virtual conference.

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.21014/acta_imeko.v10i2.1055