Metrological characterisation of rotating-coil magnetometer systems




Rotating-coil magnetometers are among the most common and most accurate transducers for measuring the integral magnetic-field harmonics in accelerator magnets. The measurement uncertainty depends on the mechanical properties of the shafts, bearings, drive systems, and supports. Therefore, rotating coils require a careful analysis of the mechanical phenomena (static and dynamic) affecting the measurements, both in the design and in operation phases. The design phase involves the estimation of worst-case scenarios in terms of mechanical disturbances, while the operation phase reveals the actual mechanical characteristics of the system. In previous publications, we focused on modelling the rotating-coil mechanics for the design of novel devices. In this paper, we characterise a complete system in operation. First, the mechanical model is employed for estimating the forces arising during shaft rotation. Then, the effect of the estimated disturbances is evaluated in a simulated measurement. This measurement is then performed in the laboratory and the two results are compared. In order to characterise the robustness of the system against mechanical vibrations, different revolution speeds are evaluated. This work thus presents a complete procedure for characterising a rotating-coil magnetometer system.

Author Biographies

Stefano Sorti, Politecnico di Milano


Carlo Petrone, CERN


Stephan Russenschuck, CERN


Francesco Braghin, Politecnico di Milano







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