Design and development of a coaxial cryogenic probe for precision measurements of the quantum Hall effect in the AC regime

Martina Marzano, Ngoc Thanh Mai Tran, Vincenzo D'Elia, Danilo Serazio, Emanuele Enrico, Massimo Ortolano, Klaus Pierz, Jan Kucera, Luca Callegaro


The quantum Hall effect is the basis for the realisation of the resistance and impedance units in the International System of units since 2019. This paper describes a cryogenic probe that allows to set graphene Hall devices in quantisation conditions in a helium bath (4.2 K) and magnetic fields up to 6 T, to perform precision measurements in the AC regime with impedance bridges. The probe has a full coaxial wiring, isolated from the probe structure, and holds the device in a TO-8 socket. First, characterization experiments are reported on a GaAs device, showing quantisation at 5.5 T. In the AC regime, multiple-series connections will be employed to minimize the residual error, quantified by electrical modelling of the probe.

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