Laboratory measurement system for pre-corroded sensors devoted to metallic artwork monitoring

Marco Faifer, Sara Goidanich, Christian Laurano, Chiara Petiti, Sergio Toscani, Michele Zanoni


The monitoring of environmental corrosivity around works of cultural heritage is a key task in the field of both active and preventive conservation. In the case of metallic artworks, this task can be performed by means of coupons or sensors realised with the same materials as the artworks to be conserved. In this work, a measurement system for the development and testing of sensors for atmospheric corrosivity monitoring is presented. The metrological features of the measurement system operated in conjunction with a developed sensor are analysed. The sensor allows for considering the different corrosion behaviours due to the presence of corrosion layers on the object to be preserved. The first developed sensors are made of pre-corroded copper and their resistance is measured. The developed system allows for monitoring thickness loss of over 3 nm in the temperature range of 23 °C – 39 °C. The performed analysis demonstrated that the system presents an efficient laboratory setup for the development and characterisation of sensors for atmospheric corrosivity monitoring.


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