Study on alignment test based on ASTM E1012 and Chinese guideline


  • Xiaobing Zhao Wuxi Institute of Metrology and Testing Wuxi
  • Wansheng Li Shandong Institute of Metrology Jinan
  • Minghui Fei Wuxi Institute of Metrology and Testing Wuxi
  • Xiaolan Zheng Yunnan Institute of Measuring and Testing Technology Kunming
  • William Huang GTM China Office Shanghai



This paper describes the study about alignment test on testing machine. It is based on the standards of ASTM E1012-14 (Standard Practice for Verification of Testing Frame and Specimen Alignment Under Tensile and Compressive Axial Force Application) and Chinese calibration guideline. The strain-gauge specimens of ASTM and reference extensometer of Chinese guideline were both tested on one testing machine. The test results were analyzed and compared. The traceability about both methods were also discussed. Meanwhile the amplifier was calibrated before test. It is the first time in China to performance this comparison test.