An internet-of-things system based on powerline technology for pulse oximetry measurements

Giovanni Bucci, Fabrizio Ciancetta, Edoardo Fiorucci, Andrea Fioravanti, Alberto Prudenzi


Internet-of-things (IoT) systems, covering any type of application, are becoming increasingly important. The most important network infrastructure used for the development of IoT applications is the Wi-Fi network, as it is widespread and provides greater freedom during installation. There are cases where the cost of building the Wi-Fi infrastructure or the specific field of use do not justify the adoption of this network standard. The following study proposes the use of the powerline network as an alternative to Wi-Fi for the realisation of IoT systems. An IoT system for the monitoring of pulse oximeter values in a hospital setting will be described and discussed. The novelty of the proposed system is the adoption of powerline communication for the medical environment

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