Introductory notes for the Acta IMEKO special section on the IMEKO TC17 co-sponsored international conference ISMCR’2019

Yvan Baudoin, Yves Dubucq, Frank E. Schneider, Tim Van Langenhoven


The ELROB'2018 competition brought together teams focusing on applications related to civilian security missions, the detection of improvised explosive devices (terrorist threat) and the evacuation of victims, scenarios favoured by Defence experts gathered in research groups of the Organization 'Science and Technology' of NATO. The aim of these competitions is to promote the best advances in technology and to strengthen cooperation in research. The ELROB event has been doubled this year by the organization of the 21st International Symposium on Robotics (ISMCR’2018) under the auspices of the International Measurement Confederation IMEKO, and more particularly its technical committee (TC17) coordinator of research in robotics, chaired by Japan, of which Belgium is an active member in charge of the organization of this symposium. Here, we provide the readers around the world the opportunity to access the recent advancements in robotics, mobile robotics in particular, especially in dynamic conditions.

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