Advice for archaeological survey with recent technologies


  • Andrea Angelini National Research Council of Italy - Institute for the Technologies Applied to Cultural Heritage (CNR-ITABC)
  • Damiano Portarena University of Rome "Tor Vergata"



Despite the technologies are now part of the archaeological discipline, they must not divert attention from archaeological issues and should be aimed at solving different historical and methodological questions, such the phases of a monument or innovative representation methods. The paper focuses the attention mainly on the use of range-data and image-based systems applied to the archaeological heritage, in order to highlight differences between the techniques and the related errors. Some considerations are necessary in order to find possible solutions for improving the quality and the accuracy of a survey project, considering the recent and innovative techniques adopted in archaeology. At the same time the authors provided, where possible, some solutions and suggestions for reducing the errors and checking the general quality of the work. Different experimentations have been made on some case studies that show how to manage technologies trying to reduce as much as possible the errors in the different phases of the survey pipeline. A specific part has been dedicated to the photogrammetric process from drones compared to traditional acquisitions, usually performed with aluminium poles, and the common errors in the representation of the archaeological excavations.






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