The metrological research of the Machu Picchu site. Application of a cosine quantogram method for 3D laser data.


  • Anna Maria Kubicka Wroclaw University of Science and Technology



The aim of a metrological analysis of the Machu Picchu site is to verify the hypothesis on the functioning of the imperial system of length measurement which was used by the Incas during measurement and construction processes. Data for metrological analyses were obtained from 3D laser scanning as 3D point cloud from where desired length measurements were collected. As far as the research method is concerned, a statistical model of a cosine quantogram was used to find a unit of design from a data set. The method has successfully been introduced during the analysis of architectural sites of the Mediterranean culture but never has been applied in regard to pre-Columbian archaeology. Statistical approach in this study will reveal new information about Inca urban planning based on the elements of architecture design.

Author Biography

Anna Maria Kubicka, Wroclaw University of Science and Technology

Doctoral candidate, Department of History of Architecture, Art and Technology, MSc Architecture,MA Archaeology






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