Set up and characterization of a measuring system for PQ measurements in a MV site with PV generation


  • Gabriella Crotti INRIM
  • Domenico Giordano INRIM



The features of a Power Quality measurement system which includes both voltage and current transducers and a self-developed measuring instrument are described. The system is intended for measurements in substations at medium voltage level. A Rogowski coil and a voltage divider are the used transducers, whereas the measuring instrument is based on a Reconfigurable I/O-FPGA system with embedded software. Attention is focused on the procedures adopted for the characterization of the voltage and current sensors, which are carried out taking into account the expected on-site measurement conditions. An example of use of the systems for measurement of some PQ parameters in a private substation which connects an industrial load and two photo-voltaic generation plants to the public MV voltage network is presented, together with the associated voltage and current uncertainty budget. By making use of the results obtained in the characterization phase, the current and voltage measurement uncertainty can be reduced.






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