Two-functional µBIST for Testing and Self-Diagnosis of Analog Circuits in Electronic Embedded Systems

Dariusz Zaleski, Romuald Zielonko


The paper concerns the testing of analog circuits and blocks in mixed-signal Electronic Embedded Systems (EESs), using the Built-in Self-Test (BIST) technique. An integrated, two-functional, embedded microtester (µBIST) based on reuse of signal blocks already present in an EES, such as microprocessors, memories, ADCs, DACs, is presented. The novelty of the µBIST solution is its extended functionality. It can perform 2 testing functions: functional testing and fault diagnosis on the level of localization of a faulty element. For functional testing the Complementary Signals (CSs), and for fault diagnosis the Simulation Before Test (SBT) vocabulary techniques have been used. In the fault vocabulary the graphical signatures in the form of identification curves in multidimensional spaces have been applied.

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