Variability and uncertainty of Track Circuit band-pass modeling for interference evaluation


  • Andrea Mariscotti University of Genova



When evaluating track circuits (TC) interference, the latest normative approach indicates the use of band-pass filters that emulate the TC receiver response. The rms value of the output, when compared to the interference limit, indicates whether a specific signal might create interference or not. The implementation of the filter has some degrees of freedom and needs thus to be characterized in terms of added uncertainty to the interference evaluation process. The latter is relevant to safety, strictly related to the incorrect assignment of the status of the track section monitored and protected by the TC itself. When giving a definitive answer about the immunity of a specific TC and the compatibility with the tested rolling stock, it is thus necessary to completely evaluate the uncertainty associated to the chosen model and to the related signal processing operations, even if - it is recognized - their influence may be considered of second order with respect to infrastructure and rolling stock non-idealities.


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