The evaluation of main results of the RMO Key and Supplementary comparisons for electrical power and energy




key comparison, supplementary comparison, electrical quantity, National Metrology Institute, measurement uncertainty


To overcome technical barriers in trade between countries, special international agreements on mutual recognition (MRA) of measurement results play an important role. National Metrology Institutes (NMIs) and Designated Institutes (DIs) play a major role in the implementation of these agreements. NMI and DI standards periodically participate in international comparisons to establish their equivalence to other similar standards. A comparative analysis of the results of NMI/DI participants of COOMET.EM-K5 of alternating current active power and GULFMET.EM-S5 of alternating current active and reactive energy comparisons, both in terms of regional and metrological traceability for Regional Metrology Organizations, was carried out. This analysis is related to the need to minimize the cost of NMIs/DIs in order to achieve the required metrological traceability, taking into account the geographical location of the leading NMIs. For checking consistency of these comparisons data ware used En number and z scores. The results for all participants of the comparisons are satisfactory both for En number and z scores.






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