Low-power and high-speed approximate multiplier using higher order compressors for measurement systems

M. V. S. Ram Prasad, B. Kushwanth, P. R. D. Bharadwaj, P. T. Sai Teja


At present, approximate multipliers are used in the image processing applications. These approximate multipliers are designed with the help of higher order compressors to decrease the number of addition stages involved for the lessening stages. The approximate computing is the best technique to improve the power efficiency and reduce delay path. With the use of approximate computing multiple compressors are designed. In this paper, 10:2 compressors are designed and implemented in the 32-bit multiplier and compared with the exact 32-bit multipliers. The proposed higher bit compressors along with the lower bit compressors are implemented to reduce the delay of the design. This type of digital circuits has much significance in measurement technologies, for enabling fast and accurate measurements.  With the use of approximate compressors, the result may be ineffective, but the power consumption and delay are getting reduced. Hence, these proposed multipliers are only implemented the digital signal processing applications, where there is need for combining two or more signals. The proposed multiplier is used for implementing FIR filter resulted 27 ns delay which is far better than the exact multiplier having 119 ns. These multipliers also used in image processing applications and PSNR of image has been employed.

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.21014/acta_imeko.v11i2.1244