A strategy to control industrial plants in the spirit of Industry 4.0 tested on a fluidic system


  • Laura Fabbiano Politecnico di Bari, University
  • Paolo Oresta Politecnico di Bari, University
  • Rosario Morello University Mediterranea of Reggio Calabria
  • Gaetano Vacca Politecnico di Bari, University




The goal of the paper is to propose a strategy of automating the control of wide spectrum industrial processes plants in the spirit of Industry 4.0. The strategy is based on the creation of a virtual simulator of the operation of the plants involved in the process. Through the digitization of the operational data sheets of the various components, the simulator is able to provide the reference values of the process control parameters to be compared with their actual values, in order to decide the direct inspection and/or the operational intervention on critical components before a possible failure. As example, a simple fluidic thrust plant has been considered, which a mathematical model (simulator) for its optimal operating conditions has been formulated for, by using the digitalized real operational data sheets of its components. The simple thrust system considered consists of a centrifugal pump driven by a three-phase electric motor, an inverter to regulate the rotation of the motor and a proportional valve that simulates the external load acting on the pump.

As results, the operational data sheets and principal characteristics of the pump have been reproduced by means of the simulator here developed, showing a very good agreement.






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