Feasibility and performance analysis in 3D printing of artworks using laser scanning microprofilometry


  • Sara Mazzocato
  • Giacomo Marchioro
  • Claudia Daffara Dept of Computer Science, University of Verona




We investigated optical scanning microprofilometry and conoscopic holography sensors as nondestructive testing and evaluation tools in archeology for obtaining an accurate 3D printed reproduction of the data. The modular microprofilometer prototype allows a versatile acquisition of different materials and shapes producing a high-quality dataset that enables surface modelling at micrometric scales from which a "scientific" replica can be obtained through 3D printing technologies. As exemplar case study, an archeological amphora was acquired and 3D printed. In order to test the feasibility and the performance of the whole process chain from the acquisition to the reproduction, we propose a statistical multiscale analysis of the surface signal of object and replica based on metrological parameters. This approach allows to demonstrate that the accuracy of the 3D printing process preserves the range of spatial wavelengths that characterizes the surface features of interest within the technology capabilities. This work extends the usefulness of the replicas from museum exposition to scientific applications.






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