Characterisation of glue behaviour under thermal and mechanical stress conditions




New low-cost measuring devices require that the box housing and electronics have the cost aligned with the sensing system. Nowadays, metallic clips and/or glue are commonly used to fix the electronics to the box, thus providing the same motion of the structure to the sensing element. However, these systems may undergo daily or seasonal thermal cycles, and the combined effect of thermal and mechanical stress can determine significant uncertainties in the measurand evaluation. To study these effects, we prepared some parallel plates capacitors by using glue as a dielectric material. We used different types of fixing and sample assembly to separate the effects of glue softening on the capacitor active area and plates distance. Therefore, we assessed the sample modification by measuring the capacitance variation during controlled temperature cycles. We explored possible non-linear behaviour of the capacitance vs. temperature, and possible effects of thermal cycles on the glue geometry. Further work is still needed to properly assess the nature of this phenomenon and to study the effect of mechanical stress on the sample’s capacitance.






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