Validation of a measurement procedure for the assessment of the safety of buildings in urgent technical rescue operations

Maria Alicandro, Giulio D’Emilia, Donatella Dominici, Antonella Gaspari, Stefano Marsella, Marcello Marzoli, Emanuela Natale, Sara Zollini


This work would like to provide a preliminary contribution to the draft of standard procedures for the adoption of Total Stations by rescuers in emergency situations, so as to offer a reliable and effective support to their assessment activities. In particular, some considerations will be made regarding the effect of the number and positioning of monitoring points on the tilt determination of a building façade, in order to set up simplified procedures, which are quick and easy to implement in emergency situations, at the same time guaranteeing the reliability of the results. Two types of building will be taken into account as test cases, which have different characteristics in terms of height, distance and angle with respect to the Total Station. Some considerations will be made about the aspects to be explored in future work, for the calibration of the method as a whole and the definition of all the steps of a procedure for the evaluation of the safety of a building.

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