Power quality metrics for DC grids with pulsed power loads

Andrea Mariscotti


DC grids can effectively feed pulsed power loads (PPLs), integrating local energy storage to minimize the impact on other connected loads and implementing buffered sub-grids to isolate susceptible loads even more. The identification of regulatory limits for PPL integration and DC grid response and the assessment of PPL impact necessitate suitable Power Quality (PQ) metrics. Existing indexes and limits (e.g. ripple and distortion, voltage fluctuation) are compared to other metrics, derived from control methods and knowledge of the peculiar characteristics of PPL and interaction with DC grids in some examples. The objective is a unified approach for PQ metrics suitable for a wide range of DC grids and in particular to the behavior of PPLs.

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.21014/acta_imeko.v10i2.1065