Comparative evaluation of three image analysis methods for angular displacement measurement in a MEMS microgripper prototype: a preliminary study




The functional characterization of MEMS devices is relevant today since it aims at verifying the behavior of these devices, as well as improving their design. In this regard, this study focused on the functional characterization of a MEMS microgripper prototype suitable in biomedical applications: the measurement of the angular displacement of the microgripper comb-drive is carried out by means of two novel automatic procedures, based on an image analysis method, SURF-based (Angular Displacement Measurement based on Speeded Up Robust Features, ADMSURF) and FFT-based (Angular Displacement Measurement based on Fast Fourier Transform, ADMFFT) method, respectively. Moreover, the measurement results are compared with a Semi-Automatic Method (SAM), to evaluate which of them is the most suitable for the functional characterization of the device. The curve fitting of the outcomes from SAM and ADMSURF, showed a quadratic trend in agreement with the analytical model. Moreover, the ADMSURF measurements below 1° are affected by an uncertainty of about 0.08° for voltages less than 14 V, confirming its suitability for microgripper characterization. It was also evaluated that the ADMFFT is more suitable for measurement of rotations greater than 1° (up to 30°), with a measurement uncertainty of 0.02°, at 95% of confidence level.






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