Maintainability improvement using allocation methods for railway system


  • Marcantonio Catelani University of Florence
  • Lorenzo Ciani University of Florence
  • Giulia Guidi University of Florence
  • Gabriele Patrizi University of Florence



An optimal maintenance policy is an essential condition of many industrial products in order to save resources and to minimize operational costs and system downtime. Some maintenance actions (e.g.CM, PM and CBM) are illustrated in the first part of the paper. The paper focuses on maintainability allocation techniques: four procedures are analyzed (Failure Rate-based allocation method; Trade-off of failure rate and design feature-based allocation method; Fuzzy maintainability allocation based on interval analysis; Time characteristic-based MA model). The traditional procedures are characterized by several drawbacks; therefore the attention is focalized on the time characteristic-based method, which turned out to be the best and the most complete procedure because it exceeds the others methods limitations. The last part of the paper proposes a case study analyzed using the techniques implemented in the MA optimal method. Two different cases are studied: they differ for the objective Mean Time To Repair, initially the requirement could vary inside a range, then it is fixed to the value 6 hours.

Author Biography

Giulia Guidi, University of Florence

Department of information engineering






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