Interlaboratory comparison results of vibration transducers between TÜBITAK UME and Roketsan

S. Ön Aktan, E. Bilgiç, I. Ahmet Yüksel, K. Berk Sönmez, T. Kutay Veziroglu, T. Torun


This paper presents an interlaboratory comparison on vibration metrology field which can be used as a powerful method of checking the validity of results and measurement capabilities according to ISO 17025. In this standard it is advised to participate in an interlaboratory comparison or a proficiency test in order to prove measurement capabilities of calibration providers. In this study it is aimed to statistically evaluate the measurements results in the scope of sinusoidal acceleration between TÜBITAK UME (National Metrology Institute of Turkey) and Roketsan as per related International Standards. After statistical evaluation, for unsatisfactory results, root cause analyses and corrections to improve measurement quality are presented and conceptually explained.

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