Application of Butterworth high pass filter as an approximation of Wood Anderson seismometer frequency response to earthquake signal recording


  • Hamidatul Husna Matondang BMKG Jakarta
  • Endra Joelianto ITB Bandung
  • Sri Widiyantoro ITB Bandung



The method for generating maximum amplitude and signal to noise ratio values by using second order high pass Butterworth filter on local seismic magnitude scale calculations is proposed. The test data are signals from local earthquake that have been occurred in Sunda Strait on April 8th 2012. Based on the experimental results, a 8 Hz cutoff frequency and a gain of 2200 of second order Butterworth high pass filter as an approach to simulating the frequency response of Wood Anderson seismometer can provide maximum amplitude value, SNR, and the magnitude better than simulated Wood Anderson frequency response.