A low-acceleration measurement using anti-vibration table with low-frequency resonance

T. Shimoda, W. Kokuyama, H. Nozato


This manuscript describes how NMIJ isolates interferometer optics from the ground vibration for low-acceleration measurement by installing an anti-vibration table. Such a vibration isolation system is designed for an accelerometer calibration system to reduce vibration noise from the microtremor or from reaction of the vibration exciter. Mitigating the vibration of optics enables evaluation of accelerometers at small amplitudes, which is required in aerospace or infrastructure monitoring applications. In this manuscript, vibration transmissibility of the anti-vibration table is measured using a triaxial seismometer, and its benefit in the calibration system is discussed.

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.21014/acta_imeko.v9i5.1003