Characterization of spinning rotor gauge-3 using orific flow system and static expansion system

Ashok Kumar, Vikas N. Thakur, Harish Kumar


This article elucidates the calibration of newly procured spinning rotor gauge (SRG 3) from MKS Instruments, USA using primary vacuum standards: Orifice flow system (OFS) and Static expansion system (SES) established at National Physical Laboratory, India (NPLI) in the range of 10-4 Pa to 1 Pa and further compared with manufacturer reported value which was calibrated by transfer standard of National Institute of Standards & Technology (NIST). The key parameters to calculate the pressure measured by SRG is the accommodation coefficients. The accommodation coefficients for N2 gas obtained using OFS, SES, and calibration report form NIST USA (SRG2) are 0.957, 0.961, and 0.954 respectively.

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