Simulation of pressure-induced cavity deformation – the 18SIB04 Quantumpascal EMPIR project

J. Zakrisson, I. Silander, C. Forssén, Z. Silvestri, D. Mari, S. Pasqualin, A. Kussicke, P. Asbahr, T. Rubin, O. Axner


The 18SIB04 QuantumPascal EMPIR project aims for development of photon-based standards that can replace primary standards of the SI unit of pressure, the Pascal. In this project, four partners simulated the pressure-induced deformation of a given Fabry-Pérot cavity, using various versions of two types of software, COMSOL Multiphysics (R) and ANSYS Workbench. It was demonstrated that, for a given geometry and set of material parameters, simulations of the deformation could be performed by the various partners with such small discrepancies that methodological mistakes of the simulation procedures will solely contribute to a sub-ppm uncertainty in the assessments of refractivity of N2.

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