CCM pilot study overview: geometrical measurement of the Rockwell diamond indenter

R. R. Machado, S. Low, A. Germak


This paper describes an overview of the capability of the NMIs that participated on the CCM Pilot Study measurement systems, conducted by the CIPM/CCM/Working Group on Hardness, to characterize the Rockwell hardness diamond indenter geometry, by measuring the included cone angle, the straightness of the generatrix, the spherical tip radius, the deviation of the local radius and the tilt angle.
Nine NMIs took part in this study: INMETRO (Brazil); INRiM (Italy); KRISS (South Korea); NIM/PR (China); NIMT (Thailand); NIST (USA); PTB (Germany); TUBITAK UME (Turkey); VNIIFTRI (Russia), where INMETRO (Brazil) served as pilot laboratory.

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