First density comparison on viscoelastic samples by oscillation-type densimetry

A. Furtado, J. Pereira, R. Quendera, M. Schiebl, E. Lenard, E. Malejczyk, A. Alic, S. Alisic, J. Rauch, F. Lorenz, A. Bescupschii, A. Ciubara, B. Laky, R. Amsüss


To provide a deeper insight about the damping effects produced by the viscoelasticity of non- Newtonian fluids during density measurements with oscillation-type density meters, and about how reference laboratories overcome these effects, an international comparison was performed, within the scope of the EMPIR Project 17RPT02 rhoLiq. The results of the comparison evidenced the possibility to measure density of viscoelastic samples by means of oscillation-type density meters with an uncertainty between 0.10 kg·m-3 and 0.25 kg·m-3. However, these instruments may be able to reach lower uncertainties if compared with higher precision density measurement methods such as hydrostatic weighing.

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