Analysis on influence of static calibration on the axle-group weigh-in-motion system accuracy

Zhengchuang Lai, Xiaoxiang Yang, Jinhui Yao


The axle-group weigh-in-motion system has two functions: static weighing and dynamic weighing. According to the weighing model, the accuracy of dynamic weighing is affected by the static performance. This paper analyses the size of various factors affecting the static performance, such as sensor tilt installation, platform deformation, platform tilt installation, and these errors will lead to sensor swing, bearing head tilt, gravity line of action and sensor axis direction is not consistent, thus affecting the static weighing accuracy. However static calibration is the best way to reduce or even eliminate the above errors. The dynamic truck scale of different manufacturers with or without static calibration is used in the test process. The results show that the dynamic performance index can meet the requirements only after the static calibration is used.

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