External Magnetic Field Measurements in UME Kibble Balance


  • Haci Ahmedov
  • Beste Korutlu
  • Lev Dorosinskiy
  • Recep Orhan
  • Ozlen Tuncel




The new definition of kilogram in terms of the fixed value of Planck constant ensures the long-term stability of SI mass unit and enables traceability from more than one source. Kibble balance experiments offer an effective primary realization method for the new definition of kilogram. Kibble Balance apparatus operating at National Metrology Institute of Turkey is designed with a stationary coil and an oscillating magnet. In contradistinction to traditional moving coil Kibble balance experiments, external magnetic field brings an asymmetry between the Ampere’s law of force and the Faraday’s law of induction in moving magnet experiments. In this paper, we develop a method based on the external magnetic flux density difference measurements in vertical direction to take into account the effect of the external magnetic field on the realization of kilogram. The proposed model in this approach fits well with the data such that the kilogram realization requirement is met within the accuracy of the measuring instrument.


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