A review of accurate phase measurement methods and instruments for sinewave signals


  • Eulalia Balestrieri University of Sannio http://orcid.org/0000-0002-9155-5989
  • Luca De Vito University of Sannio
  • Francesco Picariello University of Sannio
  • Sergio Rapuano University of Sannio
  • Ioan Tudosa University of Sannio




The phase measurement of sinewave signals is important in  several applications, such as electric and electronic instrumentation; telecommunications; and optical interferometry. The uncertainty of the phase measurement has an essential role in ensuring the suitable performance of the devices and systems used by the relevant application. Some highly accurate phase measurement methods have been developed and implemented in different instrument types that are currently available on the market or have been proposed in the scientific literature, each capable of covering very different frequency ranges. This article presents an overview of these methods and instruments in order to highlight the characteristics in terms of the measurement uncertainty of the main methods and instruments that are used, by taking into account a varying operative frequency range. The standard deviations considered in the surveyed literature are used to identify a phase measurement method that is capable of covering a large high-frequency range, simultaneously maintaining a low value of measurement uncertainty, as requested by some applications (like waveform recorder frequency response testing).






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