Electrical method for intelligent cooling liquid control system

Maryna Mikhalieva, Liubomyra Odosii, Bohdan Seredyuk, Vasyl Zalypka, Lidiya Parashchuk, Hanna Lunkova


The ability to determine and control the normalized concentrations has been established using the experimentally obtained dependencies of the active and reactive constituents of conductivity in the wide frequency range of the electromagnetic field on the composition of the multicomponent fluid and the impurity concentrations.  For high-aqueous substances dissolved in water (cooling liquids), a method for controlling the qualitative and quantitative composition is developed. It is based on the comparison of the measured and experimentally established active conductivity component and the comparison of the corresponding dependencies in the frequency field of the reactive component of conductivity. The developed electric method allows quantitative and qualitative estimation of the composition of the coolant on the contents of controlled components in the short time (up to 2 seconds) in a non-laboratory environment and to ensure uninterrupted operation of the equipment.

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.21014/acta_imeko.v9i1.692