Added value of harmonization and consistency of laboratories’ accreditation to the development of the global market

Alvaro Ribeiro, Jeff Gust, Antonio Vilhena, John Wilson


Laboratories are the largest group of stakeholders of the International Organization for Laboratory Accreditation (ILAC). The impact of laboratory activities as independent entities that ensure the safety and quality of products and services is growing and becoming a key issue in many fields. New challenges of globalisation, international trade, technological developments, and increasing expectations of citizens and consumers require a robust implementation of accreditation to promote the fair competition and sustainability of laboratories. For this purpose, the harmonization and consistency of accreditation is a major task that can be achieved through the cooperation of all stakeholders. The ILAC Laboratory Committee has conducted a survey to evaluate the present state of harmonization of accreditation activities. The main results are presented in this paper, and some recommendations for future activity are given at the end.

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