Performance evaluation of underwater image pre-processing algorithms for the improvement of multi-view 3D reconstruction




3D models of submerged structures and underwater archaeological finds are widely used in various and different applications, such as monitoring, analysis, dissemination, and inspection. Underwater environments are characterised by poor visibility conditions and the presence of marine flora and fauna. Consequently, the adoption of passive optical techniques for the 3D reconstruction of underwater scenarios is a highly challenging task.

This article presents a performance analysis conducted on a multi-view technique that is commonly used in air in order to highlight its limits in the underwater environment and then provide guidelines for the accurate modelling of a submerged site in poor visibility conditions. A performance analysis has been performed by comparing different image enhancement algorithms, and the results have been adopted to reconstruct an area of 40 m2 at a depth of about 5 m at the underwater archaeological site of Baiae (Italy).






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