Process modeling for historical buildings restoration: an innovation in the management of cultural heritage

Ada Malagnino, Giovanna Mangialardi, Giorgio Zavarise, Angelo Corallo


Cultural heritage is a complex ecosystem requiring innovative methods and techniques to facilitate its restoration, management and valorization. In detail, restoration processes have to preserve the original characteristics of historical buildings or sites, by involving different professional figures, each one with different roles, responsibilities and skills. In this light, a system that facilitates the information management, supported by new technologies, could allow more precise, efficient and traceable information exchange and could optimize the construction and management operative phase. Starting from these assumptions, the research proposes the application of a new integrated approach to a  restoration process of a historical building. It consists of applying Business Process Management (BPM) approach and Building Information Modeling (BIM) methodology to provide valuable insights to optimize the data flow, to gather information and to share knowledge during the restoration process, by  optimizing the whole lifecycle management process, by facilitating the ordinary and extraordinary maintenance. All these aspects are essential and strategic for the Italian cultural heritage.

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