Integrated geophysical surveys for the knowledge of a monument of Lecce: the sixteenth-century fortifications


  • Giovanni Leucci IBAM-CNR
  • Giacomo Di Giacomo IBAM-CNR
  • Lara De Giorgi IBAM-CNR
  • Immacolata Ditaranto IBAM-CNR
  • Ilaria Miccoli IBAM-CNR
  • Giuseppe Scardozzi IBAM-CNR



Within the project for the restoration of the northern section of the sixteenth-century city wall of Lecce, CNR-IBAM carried out geophysical surveys aimed at the study and the reconstruction of the fortifications system. In particular, the investigations focused on a wide band of land outside the two bastions at the northern far end of the fortifications. The integrated use of GPR and ERT systems has allowed to detect anomalies related to the main ditch outside the city wall and to characterize the rocky bench in which it was excavated; at the time of the surveys, this ditch was still buried and the results of the measurements have guided its excavations. Moreover, the investigations have allowed to identify also other possible ditches or quarries and more ancient structures, which subsequent archaeological excavations have dated at the Roman period. Moreover, geophysical surveys highlighted the presence of modern walls, corresponding with the foundations of the stadium constructed in the first half of the 1900s close to the fortifications. So, geophysical investigations were very important since they allowed not only to direct the archaeological excavations, but also because they allowed to formulate some hypotheses on the ancient topography of the not excavated area.






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